A Christmas Story

December 13, 2009 | Category: Behind The Scenes

full cast and crew Sunday Clarissa and I headed over to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to see an adaptation of Jean Shepard’s A Christmas story. During the fall I shot a couple of portraits for ASF’s upcoming series Civil War series and since then I’ve been commisioned to shoot future productions as well as advanced photography for use in marketing.

After the show I got to spend time with the cast and crew recreating 12 iconic moments from the play. The cast and crew was a lot of fun to work with and since the lighting was already all worked out, the pressure was pretty low.

While jobs like this are not always the most rewarding from the perspective of creating lasting pieces of art, they more than make up for it by allowing me to enjoy the live performances. 

The show will continue through December 24th, tickets can be purchased at http://www.asf.net.

Below are some of the highlights. Enjoy!

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  1. jackie
    on January 8th, 2010

    Totally awesome! Very good pictures! I wonder what type of camera and lens did he use…. No noise whatsoever! Awesome!

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