Night Photography

December 23, 2009 | Category: tutorials

In 2008, in addition to my 365 Days project, I also did a weekly podcast where we created quite a few photography tutorials. You can find some of them over on the YouTube channel at My favorite is probably the one I did on night photography.

While doing my 2006 365 Days Project I was working at a newspaper and got off late at nights. Since everyone was usually asleep at the house, I decided to go out and shoot around post-Katrina Pascagoula, MS. Below are a few shots from that project as well as an informative video on how I achieved these results.

If you’re interested in seeing more from this series, view the rest of my night photography set on flickr.

Star Trails on the Pascagoula River

February 19th 2006

Pascagoula Pier at Night

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