It’s been a little over a week since I’ve made any posts not about the 365 Days Project photo contest. But the good news is that me not making a post means that I’ve been extremely busy shooting… and that’s the point of all of this right? That’s what I thought.

On that note, last Saturday I was at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival Theater here in Montgomery shooting advanced photography for their upcoming production of “Hamlet”.

This session was a little different since the set was already built and I was going to get the rare opportunity to shoot the advanced photos on the actual set. The challenge of course was that even thought he set was built, the lighting was not in place, so I had to pull out the big boy lights and try to do it justice.

My key light was an AB800 through a large softbox high and to the right. Because of the size of the set this created a little vignette on our actors… which was what I was looking for… but this left the rest of the set needing some contrast, so I used the rest of my lights to sculpt the set. I gelled two AB800′s blue and placed one to the far left to add a rim light to the columns in the front and a slight backlight on Hamlet himself and then put the other AB800 at the top of the stairs facing down to light up that section. The last light was a Vivitar 285hv gelled blue which was on the top floor on the right facing back towards the little windows  to give them some definition. All the lights were fired via Pocket Wizards.

The backgrounds for the set were not finished so I added the night sky and the moon. These shots are for the advertising and are not intended to look like the performance so much as maybe a movie poster.

While we were there we explored a couple of other options. Such as Hamlet with his head in Ophelia’s lap:

And of course the obligitory skull photo for a possible magazine cover (hence the negative space at the top).

Had another cool shoot this weekend and will share that with you soon.

Now back to the grind…

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