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January 26, 2010 | Category: Doing Good, Thoughts | Rants, Video

I’ve been shooting video for a local chamber music program called Clefworks for the past 3 years and have recently had the honor of becoming a contributing member of their artistic committee. Clefworks not only hosts a series of chamber music concerts, but also tries to tie it together with some visual art form in some way.

Being a filmmaker I’m constantly wanting to link music to film. The two mediums seem to support one another in a way that I feel is unparalleled. To that point, I’ve heard pieces played over the years that brought to mind particular movies or more specifically scenes from movies.

This year we got the Jack Quartet to come perform and when I heard the songs that they were going to play, I knew that this was the year to do it. They are playing two songs, one of which was in many Looney Tunes cartoons, and another that was inspired by Tex Avery who was a major contributor to the Merry Melodies series. So we’re pairing those pieces with some classic Looney Tunes pieces. Other songs were very cinematic… lots of suspense and mystery, so we’ve paired them with scenes from 3 much loved films. This will all take place at an old movie theater with the Jack Quartet silhouetted in front of the screen.

The second concert will features a piece of music from an architect turned composer who has written a work based on architecture. We’ve again paired this with a visual. We’ll have a well known artist creating a piece of work live on camera… with only the artwork and his hands visible… all while the music is played. At the end we’ll reveal the artist and his final work. We’ll also have student photography from Booker T Washington Magnet here in Montgomery.

I think this promises to be a very creative festival and I’m really honored to be a part of it all. Below is a video of Elmore Demott talking about the concert and Jack themselves. If you’d like more info, go to

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