Well, to be honest, I wasn’t at CES and I don’t know what the reaction of the floor was, but when I saw the following products announced on IK’s Twitter feed… well let’s just say it piqued my interest.

As someone who is recording a new record on the iPhone, I’m finding most things to be a challenge. Specifically I’m finding the vocals to be a challenge. Companies like IK Multimedia and Agile partners have made playing your guitar into the phone a joy with Amplitube and AmpKit, but currently I’ve seen nothing for he vocalist… until now.

IK Multimedia has introduced two new products that directly address this problem. They’re producing the iRig Mic and their vocal processing app Vocalive. Judging from the Soundcloud files that they’ve posted, the combo sounds surprisingly good. I’m hoping to get one in my hands soon where I can give you a more in depth review, check out their promotional YouTube video:

For more info, check out IK Multimedia’s website: www.ikmultimedia.com.

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  1. Ron
    on March 19th, 2011

    I got my iRig Mic today. It really does sound awesome with VocaLive. I’m singing like a pro now. I found the app on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/vocalive/id410619243?mt=8

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