For almost 20 years I’ve looked for ways to be able to play and record my guitar without disturbing my family or neighbors. My first solution was to build an enclosure that basically sealed a speaker and a microphone together into a box, which I then covered up with blankets and shoved into the closet. While this worked okay, it was certainly not the stairway to tone heaven.

Later came the magic of the SansAmp. It was a little black direct box with various dip switches that sort of simulated an amp in the way that hearing your friend tell you the plot of a film simulates actually seeing the film. But at the time it did allow me to play and record without making a sound… and for that it was the best thing available.

Then of course came the Line 6 Pod. Now… I am very fond of my Pod and have used it on a lot of recordings. It’s a very functional peice of equipment and it actually does sound like all the different amps that it claims to model. I thought it was the end all and be all to amp modeling… until AmpKit.

Now, I am admittedly very excited about the technology that’s being developed for the iPhone and iPad. I am a bit of an iPhone junkie at this point and am currently working on a new record on the device. I’ve discovered quite a few apps that I now use on a daily basis and plan to use on this next project, but none have excited me quite as much as Ampkit.

AmpKit is an amp simulator that models real world amps and has an interface that’s incredibly easy to use and configure. But the most important part is that it’s the only Amp simulator that allows you to access the high gain options of these amps without getting feedback…. and it sounds GREAT!

I could write more here, but instead I decided to make a video so you could see and hear AmpKit in action. Enjoy!

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  1. Tate K. Nations
    on January 11th, 2011

    This is so cool! Awesome review.

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